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Beneficial Properties of Essential Oils Found in Neat Perfumes!

The skin provides a large surface area of cells, through which molecules of essential oils (or anything applied to the skin) can be absorbed, and processed through the body.

This is why it is essential that we are picky about what we spray, rub, and lather up on our bodies!  Chemicals are absorbed just the same way!

Essential oils have many positive and healing benefits, and will always enrich your life in some way.  Below is information on each oil that is in Neat Perfumes, and which perfume they are in. Because they are created with varying ratios, we cannot guarantee that you may or may not notice any benefit from some or all of these oils and their properties.  What we can guarantee is, that they are certainly only ever positively impacting your life, unlike the alternative – chemical perfumes.

There are always precautions with any products, whether 100% natural like ours, or not!  Such as being aware of which oils to use during pregnancy and breast-feeding, being mindful of how to use essential oils with and around babies and children, and of course allergies and irritations can be caused – ie:  citrus oils are photo-toxic so should be limited when exposed to prolonged sun.

The information contained below is purely for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose any ailment.  Always consult a healthcare professional if experiencing any symptoms. Neat may use variations of these oils, from different origins and with different botanical names, however they will have roughly similar qualities.

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Rose Oil Benefits
Lavender Oil Benefits
Vanilla Oil Benefits
Geranium Oil Benefits
Bergamot Oil Benefits

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Patchouli Oil Benefits
Rosewood Oil Benefits
Clary Sage Oil Benefits
Sandalwood Oil Benefits
Peppermint Oil Benefits

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Gardenia Oil Benefits
Jasmine Oil Benefits
Black Pepper Oil Benefits
Cedarwood Oil Benefits

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