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Thanks for stopping by and having a look at all of our natural, handmade products.  We hope you like what you see!

A bit about our product range!

Our perfumes come in Amber Glass bottles, and both the 10ml and 1ml bottles have glass roller balls for easy application!

Our shaving oil comes in plastic as we don’t want anyone dropping and smashing an oily glass bottle in the shower! Safety first folks!  Because they are in a clear bottle, both this and the Cacay Oil should be kept out of sunlight.

Our 50ml spray perfumes are a bit longer-lasting and more intense because the particles are dispersed through a mist!

The reason we package our perfumes in Brown bottles, is simply to protect the integrity of the perfume from degradation caused by light and heat or UV.

All of our essential oils and perfume bases are sourced through a highly reputable NZ company who is renowned for supplying many of NZ’s best skincare brands!

Our perfumes are hand mixed, and also hand bottled so there may be slight variations between batches and bottles, and a sticker may be a tiny bit wonky here and there… but we like it that way!

Perfection is a bore… we aim for pleasing not perfect.